Family Fun

Everyone is invited to watch our all-ages films. The Tull Family Theater believes that films can help children’s imaginations soar, inspire courage and broaden their knowledge. After all, if films are a cultural touchpoint for society, why not for friends and family?

Be part of our Family Fun screenings! Continuation of this child-friendly matinee at 11 a.m. every Saturday, starting in April, will depend upon attendance.

After a successful start with everyone’s  favorite teen wizard, we are continuing the Harry Potter series with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on March 25. Hogwarts fans can prepare for the entire series to unfold at The Tull Family Theater on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month, through June.

Our alternate Saturdays will feature family favorites such as:

  • Happy Feet, April 1
  • Babe, April 15
  • How To Train Your Dragon, April 29.

For now, “That’ll do.”