Classic Tuesdays

Set aside some reel time. Relive the moment—or fill your cinematic gaps—with our series of classic films.

Classic screenings occur once a month, usually at 7:30 p.m.

Besides revisiting the best of Hollywood, you also have opportunity to indulge your desire for international favorites, such as Fellini, Truffaut and more! Screening foreign films allows you to practice language skills, soak in international ambience, expand your understanding of different world views—and enjoy an experience that many film fans only dream of.

You know there’s nothing like watching these stories unfold on a giant screen!

Coming up:

  • June 6, The Philadelphia Story (NR), with late, great Hollywood giants Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart in this 1940s film that set the standard for adult romantic comedies. The picture about a high-society woman whose ex-husband and a tabloid reporter show up for her wedding elevated Hepburn from “box office poison” to stardom.  Plus, western PA fans likely are familiar with the Indiana, PA, roots of Jimmy Stewart. This film is among the American movie treasures preserved by the U.S. National Film Registry.
  • July 11, Cinema Paradiso (R), an Oscar-winning Best Foreign Film, this Italian movie with English subtitles tells a story set in the aftermath of WWII. A young boy, Salvatore, the child of a war widow, finds solace in the local cinema and after a rocky start, befriends the projectionist, Alfredo, who mentors him into building a successful film career. Only after the death of Alfredo does Salvatore understand the depth of the projectionist’s devotion.